8+ years of professional writing experience. Published in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Mashable & more.


Purple Pages owner and lead writer Laura Vrcek's ghostwritten and co-written work has been published in Computerworld, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, Mashable, and more. She started her career writing advertorial for an alt' newsweekly, gained experience in copywriting, content strategy, and branded editorial for Bay Area-based e-commerce companies, and spent the past few years ghostwriting thought leadership articles for women (and some men) in leadership roles.


Why Purple Pages? 

Because purple, a color that's rarely found in nature, is often associated with creativity, wisdom, peace, and pride  how you should feel after publishing your next byline.

Also, when Laura was eight years old, she published a poetry book on lilac paper, bound it together with yarn, and sold it door to door. She likes to think of this as her first foray into PR + writing.